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Kynaston Auto Services – Repairs

Exhaust Repairs in Exeter

We provide various exhaust repair services as we try to control your car’s high-level exhaust emissions. Time after time, we all hear that rumbling noise in our exhaust pipes, and we ignore it. At our garage, we’ve found that this can be quite damaging to the future performance and quality of your vehicle. Save yourself from future costs by reaching out to us, and we’ll sort out the issue.

Replacing and Repairing Your Breaks

Our brake repair team at Kynaston Auto Services is confident in delivering only the best brake repair services. Suitable examples include replacement of callipers, brake hoses, master brake cylinders, and even brake hardware. Other repair and servicing activities involve cleaning and adjusting all your drum brakes.

Engine Diagnostics

Does your engine require servicing? A good engine system is crucial in a properly functioning vehicle. Through our different car diagnostics checks, we easily detect small and significant issues in your engine. With useful repair work, we’ll quickly get your car back on the highway!

Repairing and Replacing Clutch Parts

Our team of mechanics in Exeter fix issues in your car transmission here and replace the clutch as well as pressure plates. We also take time to replace your clutch fluid and procedural bedding. Also, just to be sure that everything is working accordingly; we do a small test drive. The whole system should be in near perfect quality.

Replacing and Repairing Your Car Tyres

We boast of having a professional team of mechanics which responds to issues relating to tyre replacement if your car hits a flat tyre. We have an adequately stocked variety of tyres for all types of vehicles. We are an auto shop that puts your needs first, and we know that there are different situations which will demand that you change your tyre. So, even if you’re unable to bring your car to Kynaston Auto Services, we have mechanics that can easily come to you!